Language courses and tutorials

Language courses and tutorials are intended for all who think that English is not made you and you are not made for English. Improve your grades and build your confidence.

Language courses

Our general English courses are based on the NEW ENGLISH FILE which is among the most popular modern language courses for adult learners. Exciting texts and topics, vocabulary and grammar banks and focus on developing all four skills – reading, listening, speaking and writing – guarantee excellent learning results and learner satisfaction. The resource package also includes online exercises.

Before the start of the course all students are tested against the CEFR benchmark .


Maximise your matura score by joining our one-on-one and group matura preparation sessions.

The sessions are run by Darja Pretnar, author of several exercise books (Angleščina na maturi, Angleščina na poklicni maturi, Preveri svoje znanje – angleščina za gimnazije, Angleščina ob koncu devetletke) and co-author of Veliki srednješolski priročnik.


I know, English can be really hard. If you wish to improve your grades or avoid failing at your exams, do not wait for June! Minor gaps in knowledge can be easily overcome with just a few tutorial sessions.

Our experience shows that our tutorials come with a special benefit: after the tutorials, students are more self-confident because they have had an opportunity to practice their knowledge, ask questions and discuss complex grammar issues with the tutor in a safe and relaxed setting.

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